Registration Fee

All participants are required to pay an online registration along with completing a registration form to reserve a place on the ride. The registration fee covers accommodation, fuel, meals and some light refreshments for the duration of the ride, as well as back up vehicle costs.

Each year registrations are opened to previous riders first, before being opened for the general public.


Each entrant must raise a minimum of $500 prior to the ride for the Apex Copper Coast Retreats. With the funds being raised any way the participant chooses. Once the online registration and registration fee is received, a receipt book will be sent explaining donation procedures and an online fundraising page will be set up for each rider. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and receipts will be issued. All monies raised need to be deposited by the nominated due date.

Awards will be presented to the highest fundraisers during the presentation night.

Monies received from the public or sponsorship cannot be used to cover the registration fee and/or riders’ personal expenses.

Meals and Accommodation

Accommodation varies year to year, and is a combination of shared, motel, dormitory and cabin style rooms. Check the registration pack for relevant bedding requirements.  

Participants are provided with most meals during the ride. Cooked breakfasts, fresh 'subway' style wraps, or pack your own from a selection of snacks, fruit and buns for lunch. The evening meals range from BBQ to roasts to wood oven pizza. 

What to Bring

• All riding gear including helmet, goggles/visor, gloves, jacket preferably with armour, boots, sturdy pants and don't forget the kidney belt!
• Hydration pack preferably a minimum of 3 litres or you should carry 3 litres of water on your bike
• Tools and spares including tubes and tyre changing equipment
• Clothes for evenings
• Towel / toiletries / personal medication / First Aid kit
• Camera / Money

And most importantly, your Postie bike and a sense of humour!


The Terrain

The ride is approximately 1000kms. Every year we liaise with land holders throughout the Flinders Ranges to enable us access to some of the most remote tracks in the Flinders. The four days is a mix of station tracks, public dirt roads and very minimal bitumen. 

The Apex Outback Postie Bike Ride is for experienced riders only. The terrain is difficult, even experienced riders will be challenged.

The Bike

The bike must be a Honda CT 110 'Postie' in good mechanical and roadworthy condition. It must have current registration and you must hold a current motorcycle license. Any modifications are ok as long as it's legal and still basically resembles a Postie. Must be an Automatic Honda 110 or 90 motor - NO CLUTCH.

Experience over the years has taught us that most modifications to increase power are the most common cause of engine failure during the ride.

Fuel Range

You will need a fuel range of approximately 200 kms to cover each day. Most riders add an additional tank, such as a 10L XR tank or carry a small plastic fuel can on the rear carrier.

Back up Support

We provide backup vehicles and big bikes to support the participants during the ride. We have qualified paramedics providing any required first aid, support crew to retrieve bikes and carry cold drinks, big bikes providing track guidance and mechanical support, trucks to carry your overnight bags, and a range of support crew to help your ride be as enjoyable and safe as possible.


This is a fun event to raise money for a worthy cause so the last thing we want is anyone getting hurt. The ride traverses some remote areas and help could be some time away so please ride within your limits.



Buying & Setting Up a Postie


Buying a Postie

It is getting harder to find good condition CT 110 bikes, keep an eye on our Facebook page as they may appear on there from time to time. Facebook groups for the much-loved postie bike are a place to find them advertised, as well as the usual eBay and Gumtree type sites. 

Postie Set Up

+ The stock tyres should be replaced with trials type tyres.
+ A front knobbly is ok but rear ones are extremely prone to flats.
+ Heavy duty tubes front and rear should be fitted.
+ Wheel bearings, steering head bearings and chain and sprockets must be in excellent condition.
+ A standard DID chain will suffice. When fitting new chain, adjust to middle adjustment to give your rear wheel clearance in the swing arm. This will prevent the back wheel clogging up with mud.
+ Ensure clutch is ok or replace clutch plates and retain the old ones as spares, while the clutch is out clean the oil filter.
+ Noisy cam chains should be replaced and if the motor is smoky replace the rings.
+ Don't forget to change the oil and clean the air filter.
+ If adding an extra fuel tank put a tube or some padding between the tank and frame to prevent rubbing. The original fuel tank has two fuel hoses running to the fuel tap, the top hose is reserve, and the bottom is "on". Connect the extra tank to the bottom "on" hose and leave the original tank connected to reserve. Both fuel lines should be fitted with filters. The key can be relocated to the speedo mount to accommodate the extra tank if needed.