Michael Worrall

How many rides have you done?: 4

When was your first ride?: 2015 I don't ride as I would probably end up going for a ride in an ambulance.

What is your main motivation for taking part in the ride?: Mainly because of the wonderful cause helps families going through the horror that is cancer.

Tell us the craziest thing that has happened to you on the ride.: My specialty is shredding tyres, breaking trailers and losing tow ball nuts.

What role do you play on the ride?: I follow the riders in my landcruiser and pick up broken bikes and hopefully riders, if the riders are with me it means that they aren't hurt.

Tell us something that no one would know about you: I used to collect wine bottle lables when I was young.

Why do you think families get from the Copper Coast Retreats?: I think that the families get a well deserved break from the rigors of dealing with cancer. Just to spend quality time with loved ones.

What has been your favourite part of the ride?: Being a part of a wonderful group of generous, hard working people from all walks of life getting together to support such an amazing cause.

ADD ANYTHING YOU LIKE: I so look forward to being a part of this fantastic journey each and every year.

Denis Smith