Greg 'Kipo' Kipling

How many rides have you done?: All of them

When was your first ride?: 2007

What is your main motivation for taking part in the ride?: I founded the ride in 2007 when Peter Slattery, Arron Laister, Steve Laister, Neil Walker, Ross Edwards, Phil Butterworth, myself plus Neil Bischoff and Alan Ziegler in back up cars set off to raise money for Bradley's Place. Operated by the Child Cancer Association of SA Bradley's Place is for holiday respite at Victor Harbour for those with a child suffering from cancer. Neil and Robyn Walker and their supporters raised the funds to develop Bradley's Place and it's named in memory of their son Bradley who passed away aged 4. I could see the ride had great potential and needed more organisation and support than I could achieve on my own. So I approached Apex to get involved and the rest is history. From those humble beginnings in 2007 when 7 of us raised $10,000 will see the ride achieve one million raised in 2019 with the most recent funds used to develop the Apex Copper Coast Retreats.

Tell us the craziest thing that has happened to you on the ride.: Rode naked down the main street of Blinman as a fund raiser

What role do you play on the ride?: Help plan the route and share the lead riding duties.

Tell us something that no one would know about you: My middle name is Wayne. We owned a roadhouse and my father was trying to come up with a middle name the day after I was born. He was serving a customer and looking at the petrol bowser which are made by a company called 'Wayne' and he thought "that will do" Hence I was named after a petrol bowser.

Why do you think families get from the Copper Coast Retreats?: A time to forget about all the issues associated with their illness and to make new family memories

What has been your favourite part of the ride?: Seeing those who don't normally ride bikes make it through the challenging and tougher parts of the ride. You can see they have a real sense of achievement.

Denis Smith