Denis Smith


When was your first ride?: 2017

How many rides have you done?: 2

What if your role on the ride? Take photos, loose photos, get more, share!

What is your main motivation for taking part in the ride?: riding a bike would just be stupid for me, certain carnage, I am using my skills as a photographer to capture the rides each year. It is a small way I can contribute to the amazing cause.

What has been your favourite part of the ride?: Seeing the incredible effort made by all the riders and back up teams through crazy situations for the cause. I love seeing the speed those bloody bikes can go up and down hill!

Tell us the craziest thing that has happened to you on the ride.: Coming around a corner in the brutal mud and seeing Andrew Venning stopped on the road, hitting the brakes and getting so crossed up, I truly thought he was going to be eating grill!

Why do you think families get from the Copper Coast Retreats? The gift that families receive from the Copper Coast Retreats is incredible. Cancer is an evil beast. and having some time to just chill, is so special!

Denis Smith