Ben Woods


How many rides have you done?: 10/12

When was your first ride?: 2008

What is your main motivation for taking part in the ride?: I was working with my father at the time and he was donating lots of little amounts to different charities. We had a conversation about doing something more worthwhile, a few months later we learnt of a bunch of guys riding posties through the Flinders with a good friend of ours taking part. We were hooked since it was raising money for a great cause and ALL money was going to the charity. That was important for us. Since we both couldn't ride due to both ability and injury, we offered our services as back up.

Tell us the craziest thing that has happened to you on the ride.: How could I forget...They simply won't let me HAHA. It was on the last day of 2013 as we headed through Moralana Scenic Drive, I rounded a sweeping bend and then watched my rear wheel travel ahead and into the bush. All six wheel studs had sheered. Funny now, but not funny when the back up needs back up lol. Lucky I had spares (4 anyway), so while deflecting the banter from my passengers, I set about punching out the old and fitting the new. I removed one from the trailer and fitted to the car (because 5 is better than 4) and off we went. It cost me a little embarrassment, a new backing plate, two new brake disks and 24 new studs and nuts.

What role do you play on the ride?: I look after the back up crew. Luckily we have a fantastic team of support so they don't usually require much assistance. I'm there to make the hard call if required. The team do a great job every year to run such an event.

Tell us something that no one would know about you: I don't meet new people easily. It takes quite some pre planning and self talk to be around large crowds.

Why do you think families get from the Copper Coast Retreats?: Memories. Plain and simple. The precious time that you can just disconnect from the cancer treatment, the emotional roller-coaster, and just be with your family in the retreats. That time is so important, many don't get that opportunity.

What has been your favourite part of the ride?: Watching hundreds of super-heroes (they don't all wear capes) enjoying themselves riding motor bikes through places that they shouldn't go. Every one of them there for a different reason, but all united by the cause.

Denis Smith